Steel Caprail, Caprail Ends and Brackets: Elegant Railing Solutions From Superior Ornamental Supply

Discover a comprehensive range of caprail, caprail ends, and steel railing brackets designed for durability and aesthetics. Ideal for stair rails, balconies, and more.

Caprail - Caprail Ends - Steel Railing Brackets

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  1. This cap rail is made with molded steel and is a decorative smooth top to any handrail. They fit over steel tube or flat bar. We have sizes to fit over 1", 1 1/4" , and 1 1/2" wide.
    Molded Steel Caprail - Various Sizes
    From $65.00
  2. Handrail Ends - Incline - Various Sizes and Prices
    Handrail Ends - Incline - Various Sizes and Prices
    From $23.40
  3. This lambs tongue handrail end is hand-forged from the same molded cap rail that we sell. It adds a refined end to railings used in stairways, walkways, ramps and more.
    Handrail Ends - Straight - Lambs Tongue - Various Sizes
    From $23.40
  4. This volute handrail end adds a graceful finish to rail designed for various walkways and stairways.
    Handrail Ends - Volute - Various Sizes
    From $23.40
  5. Handrail Ends - Volute - Various Sizes and Prices - 7"
    Handrail Ends - Volute - Various Sizes and Prices - 7"
    From $23.40
  6. Handrail Bracket PA2002.12F
    Handrail Bracket PA2002.12F
  7. Cast Iron Handrail Brackets - PA2003A
    Handrail Brackets PA2003A
  8. Handrail Bracket Cast Iron - PA2003B
    Handrail Bracket PA2003B
  9. Handrail Bracket Cast Iron - PA20093R
    Handrail Bracket PA20093R
  10. Stamped Steel Handrail Bracket - PA200B
    Handrail Bracket PA200B
  11. Stamped Steel Handrail Bracket - PA200B2.12I
    Handrail Bracket PA200B2.12I
  12. Handrail Bracket Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel - PA200B2.12IG
    Handrail Bracket Hot Dipped Galvanized- PA200B2.12IG
  13. Handrail Bracket  PA200DH2305
    Handrail Bracket PA200DH2305
  14.  Handrail Bracket Cast Iron- PA251U
    Handrail Bracket PA251U
  15. Pipe Accessory Heavy Cast Iron - PA253U
    Pipe Accessory PA253U
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Key Features and Attributes:
  • Smooth Decorative Top: Our caprail adds a sleek and stylish decorative top that, when seamlessly welded to the underlying rails, creates a sophisticated and polished appearance.
  • Finished Caprail Ends: These ends provide a seamless and finished appearance, ensuring a professional result for your railing installations.
  • Flexible mounting railing choices: a free standing rail, a wall-mounted configuration or a suspended railing design.
  • Material: Plain Hot Rolled Steel
  • Finish: Durable Steel Finish
  • Compatibility: Suitable for Stair Rails and Balconies/li>
  • Installation: Welding for Caprail, Bracket for Mounting
  • Mounting Options: Wall Mount or Suspended Railing
  • Durability: Long-lasting and Resilient